“In June of 1980, I was diagnosed with lymphocytic lymphoma. In July of 1980 I started radiation which consisted of 20 treatments. The doctor told me the cancer had been taken care of with the radiation. Near the end of October several tumors had appeared and after many tests they all were diagnosed to be the same type of cancer. I was then advised to take chemotherapy. This treatment along with two kinds of pills was given for eleven months. While taking the chemotherapy more tumors kept appearing and all were diagnosed as the same type of cancer. The last time I went to this doctor the news was, “I don’t know what to do next, other than, try to keep you as comfortable as I can, with what time you have left.” The cancer had now spread to both lungs and bone marrow. I visited with my General Practitioner and he advised me to go to Quantum Immunotherapy and supplied me with a phone number. I came to Quantum Immunotherapy the last week of June in 1982 and in two weeks the visible tumors were gone and I was a different person.  This has been 22 years ago and life is great for me. Tumor Free!