Why Immunotherapy Works!

A declining immune function is part of the ageing process. The loss of immune function may manifest in various ways such as a chronic illness, allergy, other medical problems or even as cancer due to a failure of the immune system to recognize malignant cells and prevent proliferation and eventual metastasis.  

The basic objective of the Quantum Immunotherapy program is to restore optimal balance and function to the immune system so that cancer cells will be recognized and destroyed.

Meet Our Team

Dr. John Clement, MD 

Dr. Clement MD received his medical degree from St Thomas’ Hospital in London. Originally from the South of England, Dr. Clement was in private practice in the Bahamas for over forty years. (Scroll down to see Dr. Clement’s video talk about our Immunotherapy program.)

More about Dr. Clement

Dr. Clement joined Quantum Immunotherapy in 1977. He became its Medical Director in 1993.  Sadly, Dr Clement passed away in 2018.

Dr. Eric Brown, MD  

Dr. Brown joined the staff of the Quantum Immunotherapy in 1993 and has remained very involved with the therapy and patients since then. He attended the University of Illinois, Chicago, and received his medical degree in 1983.

More about Dr. Brown

Dr. Brown did a fellowship at the U. of Miami, Miami, FL and received a D.Sc diploma from the U. of Wales, UK, as well as a diploma in Epidemiology from Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore MD. His Bahamas Medical License was obtained in 1987. In 2013, Dr. Brown was an honoree of the Grand Bahama Medical/Dental Assoc. He is a Member or Fellow of six professional associations in the Bahamas, the USA and internationally. In 2017, Dr. Brown became the Medical Director of Quantum Immunotherapy.

Lynn Austin, RN

Ms. Austin is the Head Nurse and Clinic Administrator. Her nursing training was done in Nassau, Bahamas and her post-grad education was in Scotland. Lynn is known for her kindness and professionalism.

More about Ms. Austin

Ms. Austin became Head Nurse at our clinic in 1978. She has continued in that capacity since then and is affectionately known by many hundreds of patients for her kindness, professionalism and compassion.

Our Mission Is your Remission

Dr. Clement Speaks on our Immunotherapy program.
Our Clinic is now called Quantum Immunotherapy.