John was diagnosed on February 12, 1999. The doctor gave him two options, one was to remove his tongue and jawbone that would have him breathe through a tracheotomy and eat through a stomach tube. The other choice was radiation. He had 35 radiation treatments after which he had 6 biopsies of his tongue. They found the cancer was still there. The doctor then wanted to schedule the surgery. Both John and his wife, Ann, said “No!” They decided to go to the Clinic. They had known about Quantum Immunotherapy but like most people they did not want to leave home for a foreign land. But they were pleasantly surprised when they arrived in Freeport. “Everyone is so friendly,” when they got to the clinic and opened the door to the waiting room they found a happy, animated group of healthy looking individuals, not full of gloom and doom as one would find in most cancer hospitals and clinics. They felt so welcomed by fellow patients that their first stay of 10 weeks was a pleasant time. It was June 21, 1999 when John began the Quantum Immunotherapy treatment. Later that year in December, he had a CAT scan that showed the tumor on his tongue was diminishing. The oncologist who first told them that Quantum Immunotherapy would not work, in October 2000, said Quantum Immunotherapy does work, “keep on doing what you are doing” was the Oncologist’s advice. As of April 2001, John’s tongue is now cancer free!